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Bee Removals

We relocate the bee hive from urban areas, gutters, roofs and walls to a suitable area. Please contact us regarding your problem, each removal is different and requires us to investigate for planning purposes. Call out fees are applicable.

Three Brothers, Ryan, Phil and Bushy have a passion for working with bees.

We provide a service to the community by facilitating bee removals from urban areas and safely relocating them to the country side.

We also provide a pollination service for fruit farmers.

Most people want natural honey. We do our best to always have on hand but demand for homegrown natural honey is hard to keep up with. Make sure you get your orders in.

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Adopt A Bee Hive imageAdopt A Bee Hive imageAdopt A Bee Hive image
Bees around the world are under pressure due to the human population growing.
Food crops are increasing and so are poisons.

We here at Honey Brothers are offering you a opportunity to adopt a hive weather it be saving a colony from a house that people want removed or adopting a colony in one of our apiaries in the country side.
Your box will get your family name on it and will be kept up to speed on how your bee box is doing through the year.

All we ask is a once off fee to purchase or save a bee hive
and bee come part of the Honey brothers family.
Contact us for more details.